Altai Balance – Working And Its Benefits you Should Need To Know (Updated 2022)

Most Common Cause Why Diabetes Occurs?

The latest ground-breaking diabetes research has found that there is a direct link between uncontrolled blood sugar and airborne toxins called particulate matter or PM, tiny droplets invisible to the eye.

PM travels in the air from construction sites, cars, fires, power plants, and more and is inhaled by the population. This means nasty toxic metals like lead, nickel, cadmium, and arsenic then slip past your lung’s defenses and can enter your bloodstream and cause havoc in your cells.

New research published in The Lancet Planetary Health and Diabetes Journal concluded a definite association between PM and diabetes concluding that all 3.2 million cases of diabetes in 2018 were due to dangerous PM.

Scarily – the World Health Organization now reports that 92% of the worldwide population is breathing in air deemed unhealthy. In fact, every corner of the earth is now covered in PM pollution. It’s inescapable.

Product NameAltai Balance
CategoryBlood sugar supplement
IngredientsWhite Mulberry (see full list)
Side effectsNo significant side effects reported
Results1 – 3 Months
Price$34 each (six bottles)
Money Back Guarantee180 Days
Availabilityofficial website

What is Altai Balance?

Altai Balance is a nutritional supplement sold exclusively online through

The supplement is made in the United States in a food and drug approved, GMP-certified facility. The formula’s creator claims “nothing like this has ever been created in history” and that “no discovery like this will come around again.”

Dramatic language aside, Altai Balance claims to support healthy blood sugar levels in men and women. The supplement uses 19 ingredients, including nutrients and plant extracts, that target and balance blood sugar in men and women.

In other words, Altai Balance is a diabetes supplement. The supplement is marketed primarily to diabetics – or anyone who has recently struggled with blood sugar. Like other diabetes supplements, Altai Balance promises to support healthy blood sugar, support weight loss, help you flatten your belly, and support other benefits.

In fact, the Altai Balance sales page claims “you can quickly balance your blood sugar levels” after taking Altai Balance. They even claim that many have stopped taking their prescription diabetes medication and insulin after using Altai Balance regularly.

You should be skeptical any time a nutritional supplement claims to impact your blood sugar significantly. Let’s take a closer look at how Altai Balance works and what it does.

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How Does Altai Balance Work?

Altai Balance works efficiently and provides the best value in controlling the overall blood sugar health. All the presence of this product will enable the best quality functional health. So, this will bring all the rated benefits.

This supplement works efficiently in getting all the fantastic value. So, you can get all the best quality rated health with this excellent supplement.

Reset the Blood Sugar Level:

Altai Balance can help you reset the overall blood sugar level; if you like to get all the fabulous presence and significant value, you can also o with its product. All the responsive fact of this product in controlling the sugar level makes it unique.

Support a Healthy Weight Loss:

This fantastic supplement comes with all the rated support of weight loss; if you like to get all the functional appearance or significant presence, then going with this supplement will bring all the responsive company. So, you can go and get all the rated benefits with this product.

Get A Decent Heart Health:

Now, get decent heart health by taking this fantastic supplement; all the rated benefits or incredible presence of this product will ensure all the valuable things. So, you can buy the Altai Balance supplement and explore all the rated company.

Improve the Overall Brain Health:

If you like to improve the overall brain health, this specific supplement will ensure all the fabulous presence. In this way, it’ll simply bring all the rated presence without showing any acute side effects.

Boost the Overall Energy Level:

Altai Balance can help you by boosting the overall energy level; if you like to get all the fascinating things or significant appearance, you can also go with this top-quality supplement without a single doubt.

Improve the Presence of Joint Health:

This Altai Balance supplement can improve the presence of joint health; all the available acceptance of this product will bring a fantastic value. You have to take this product in a proper quantity.

Boost the overall Immunity Power:

Suppose you like to boost the overall Immunity power. In that case, going with this product will make sure all the significant presence, all these rated elements or functional ingredients of this pro=duct will deliver all the responsive appearance.

Control the Blood Pressure Issue:

Now, taking this excellent supplement can help you control the overall blood pressure level; if you like to get all the fascinating health or significant presence, you can buy the Altai Balance supplement.

Improve the Blood Circulation Health:

Altai Balance can help you improve overall blood circulation health; this product’s rated presence will ensure all the fabulous presence. The rated value of this product will bring significant acceptance.

Health Value without Side Effects:

Altai Balance can provide fantastic value without any side effects; all the functional health or significant technicalities will bring all the rated things. Yes, it comes with all the super functional factors over here. All the natural elements of this supplement won’t show any side effects. So, you can buy the Altai Balance supplement.

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Altai Balance Ingredients

Every ingredient of Altai Balance has been backed up by science and is ensured to be added in their perfect amounts so that they work properly in a synergistic manner and provide you with stunning results as soon as possible. Let us take a look at these superfoods:

White Mulberry

White mulberry is native to blood sugar. It’s shown to help target blood sugar, support healthy cholesterol and inflammation levels, and promote good heart health. They have even been shown to support healthy skin tone and complexion.

Bitter Melon

This delicious fruit commonly eaten in the Altai, bitter melon is a powerful detoxifier, it’s a list of benefits includes support of healthy blood sugar and digestion, and even manage free radical damage!

Licorice Root

Licorice root has over 300 antioxidants and is not only great for blood sugar but supports a healthy immune response, dental health and helps ward off stress and anxiety.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Alpha-lipoic acid has strong antioxidant properties, it not only supports healthy blood sugar levels, but can also manage skin aging, promote healthy nerve function and support healthy memory and concentration levels.

Gymnema Sylvestre

The Hindi term for gymnema sylvestre is gurmar, which is translated as sugar destroyer This is because Gymnema sylvestre leaves suppress the taste of sugar by interacting with taste receptors on the tongue.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are packed with potent antioxidants and eaten by as far back as the Romans to boost stamina and strength, help soothe sore joints, detox dangerous particulate matter – and of course, target blood sugar.


Taurine is a powerful particulate matter-detoxifying nutrient that supports healthy blood sugar by switching on the energy switch on your cells, rapidly managing healthy mood and vitality.


Banaba is abundant in corsolic acid. An anti-bacterial and anti-viral nutrient that researchers found targets blood glucose, and slows the body’s breakdown of starches into glucose to help maintain steady levels.

Benefits of Using Altai Balance Supplement

These are the benefits customers have mentioned in their reviews:

Controls Blood Sugar:

People with type 2 diabetes usually have irregular blood sugar levels. The main benefit of this supplement is to control blood sugar and avoid blood sugar spikes in the body. It does this function with the help of its anti-diabetic ingredients.

Eliminates Diabetes Symptoms:

Diabetes is also known as a ‘silent killer’ because it increases many health problems. Diabetes leads to increased hunger, excessive sweating, abnormal urine urges, memory loss, and blurry eyes. Altai Balance supplement helps in healing these diabetes symptoms.

Helps In Weight Loss:

Overweight customers reported they lost a good amount of weight after using this supplement. It is because this supplement contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to have anti-obesity properties. These ingredients reduce sugar cravings, speed up the fat-burning process, and balances blood sugar. All these benefits create weight loss.

Improves Heart Health:

Altai Balance contains ingredients that reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, improving cardiovascular health. Additionally, mulberry leaves are available in Altai Balance because a scientific study proved these mulberry leaves improve heart health and reduce heart disease.

Provides Sufficient Vitamins And Minerals:

The human body needs sufficient vitamins and minerals to function properly. Some of these vitamins and minerals the body produces, but some need to be taken through foods and supplements. Altai Balance not only contains a powerful blood sugar blend, but it also contains important vitamins like Vitamin C and E along with other important minerals.

Boosts Immune System:

Altai Balance contains a powerful source of antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E, which neutralize free radicals in the blood. These free radicals are reactive substances that can create inflammation and weaken the immune system if not neutralized.

What is the limitation of the product?

Some limitations of the product are listed below:

  1. It is not suitable for all.
  2. It may have certain side effects.
  3. Not available on the offline market.
  4. Pregnant women are not allowed to use it.

Scientific Evidence for Altai Balance

Altai Balance makers have not conducted any research to prove their formula is more effective than diet or exercise, but that is on par for most of the rest of the supplement industry. The company also does not cite any evidence proving you can stop taking your diabetes medication after using Altai Balance, nor do they overly suggest that anyone dealing with these life-altering conditions to do so without first consulting with a licensed professional.

Altai Balance uses the right ingredients at the right dosages. Many of Altai Balance’s ingredients have been shown to support healthy blood sugar in multiple studies to date. However, with just 212mg of proprietary formula in each serving, it’s unlikely any of the 19 ingredients are found at a strong enough dosage to significantly impact your body in any way, shape, or form overnight and why the company adamantly recommends a continued daily usage to allow the ingredients to keep building up and working their magic overtime.

Blood sugar is a simple sugar that is produced and stored in the cells of the body. Its primary function is to provide energy or fuel for all your body activities. It provides energy for your muscles, heart, brain, and other internal organs. For this reason, blood sugar must be maintained at an optimal level at all times to ensure normal functioning of all these organs. When blood sugar level drops too low it affects your brain function causing decrease in concentration and alertness. Hence blood glucose levels must be maintained within a normal range at all times (72mg%).

Let’s start with the two ingredients in Altai Balance that have high dosages: chromium and biotin.

As WebMD explains, researchers have analyzed chromium and biotin’s combination to impact blood sugar and cholesterol. Studies show that chromium and biotin could lead to “significantly better” blood sugar and cholesterol readings. Other studies have confirmed the importance of chromium for people with diabetes, finding that people with diabetes are more likely to be deficient in chromium than non-diabetics.

Altai Balance contains taurine, which researchers have found has “potential usefulness” for controlling symptoms of diabetes. One review study found taurine, an amino acid, was linked with better insulin control and an overall improvement of diabetes symptoms. Although all taurine studies use a much stronger dose than what we see in Altai Balance, that sounds good. The minimum dose of taurine used in studies is 400 to 6,000mg per day, and Altai Balance contains just 212mg of total formula across all 19 ingredients. The amount of taurine in Altai Balance will not impact your body in any way. In fact, most people get more taurine through an ordinary diet. One analysis found that the average person gets around 40 to 400mg of taurine per day through dietary sources.

Taurine is the first listed ingredient in Altai Balance’s proprietary formula, which means there’s more taurine than any other ingredient on the list. However, even taurine is not found in high enough doses to impact your diabetes, so most other Altai Balance ingredients aren’t worth discussing.

You can find cinnamon extract in many diabetes supplements. In some small studies, researchers have found a connection between cinnamon extract and blood sugar. However, other studies have been less conclusive. As the Mayo Clinic explains, “it still isn’t clear whether cinnamon helps lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.” Some studies have shown a benefit from the spice, while others haven’t.

There are only trace amounts of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) in Altai Balance, as it’s the second-last listed ingredient in the proprietary blend. However, studies show that ALA Could impact diabetes at much higher doses. In this study, researchers gave participants 600mg of an ALA supplement and observed significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hypoglycemic effects. As WebMD explains, most ALA studies use a dose of 600 to 1,800mg – many times higher than the dose used in Altai Balance.

Overall, science tells us that Altai Balance will not allow you to stop taking your diabetes medication or insulin prescribed by your doctor, nor is the supplement more effective than diet or exercise for controlling blood sugar. Always follow the advice of your doctor when dealing with a serious medical condition like diabetes.

The symptoms of blood sugar level abnormalities are not easy to detect. The symptoms may not be evident in all cases. However, the symptoms that indicate abnormal blood glucose levels are extreme fatigue, difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly, blurred vision, excess sweating or frequent urination. All these symptoms are classic signs of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). In this condition the brain is deprived of energy and as a result it slows down your reaction time and concentration level. You will feel very weak, shaky and irritable if you experience episodes of hypoglycaemia daily.

There are plenty of ways to maintain healthy blood sugar level in your body as the Altai Balance supplement is just a natural solution high on the list of available options to choose from. First, you need to have proper daily meal planning as a supplement is just that, a supplement to your day to day diet routine. Always try to have adequate amount of proteins and carbohydrates in your daily meal for a well-balanced nutritional approach to life. You can consume high fibre carbohydrates as well because they take longer to break down and hence take more time for the blood sugar level to increase during digestion. Also make sure you get healthy fats in your diet as they will help digest other food items and release energy slowly at a constant rate. This is where the Altai Balance ingredients can come into play and help stabilize and regulate erratic blood sugar levels.

It should go without saying, but another very important thing in maintaining healthy blood sugar level is to exercise regularly. You must do exercise every day for at least 20 to 30 minutes to ensure that your body is working well and all energy requirements are being met. If you have an underlying condition such as diabetes, it will help to control the blood sugar level and insulin levels in the body. But always remember don’t overdo exercise as it may lead to muscle stress and excessive sweating with a higher risk of dehydration. Also if you have been active or exercising vigorously for more than one hour, make sure you replenish your energy supply right away by having a drink or snack containing carbohydrates and proteins.

Altai Balance Pricing

Altai Balance is priced at $49 per bottle, although the price drops as low as $34 or $39 per bottle when ordering multiple units.

You can only buy Altai Balance through, where pricing works like this:

Altai balance 1 Bottle
Altai balance 6 Bottles
Altai balance 3 Bottles

Each bottle has 30 capsules (30 servings). You take one capsule of Altai Balance to support healthy blood sugar.

100% money back Guarantee

180-days Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the benefits, we will issue a full refund! Just contact us in the first 180 days from your purchase, even if you used up the entire bottle or not, we would still give you your money back. This means you have 6 whole months to see if this is the right choice for you or not. No hidden fees or subscriptions. Just a safe and secure one-time simple payment. Make your choice, enter your payment details on our secure order form, and place the order now. We will ship your bottles directly to your home.

Who Created Altai Balance?

There’s limited information online about who created Altai Balance, what type of medical expertise they have, or how much research they invested into the formula.

Altai Balance is marketed online by BuyGoods, a company with a dubious reputation for selling health guides and health supplements online.

However, the company claims to manufacture Altai Balance in the United States in an Food and Drug registered and completely certified manufacturing facility.

In a video introducing Altai Balance, we see a man who claims to create the Altai Balance formula. However, that man does not seem to have any qualifications or medical degrees.

You can contact the makers of Altai Balance via the following:


Phone (US): 302-404-2568

Phone (International): 1-302-404-2568

Mailing Address: 1301 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry, IL 60050


This review has covered all the necessary details about Altai Balance, the new blood sugar supplement. If you are someone who is experiencing high blood sugar levels or have imbalanced blood sugar levels then Altai Balance is supposed to work for you. With its plant-based core ingredients, which also contain licorice, this supplement ensures that it not only helps with diabetes but also takes care of the cholesterol level, blood pressure, and weight of the user.

However, it should be kept in mind that Altai Balance does not claim to cure or completely eradicate diabetes. It merely helps in the process of keeping the disease in check without having the individual do too much on their own. This does not mean that taking this supplement completely frees you from maintaining a healthy diet and exercising. For best results, it should be taken along with healthy food and one should also do light exercises daily.

The last thing to keep in mind is that despite being made from all-natural ingredients, this supplement might work adversely for some individuals, especially those who are allergic to certain herbs or are already taking some medication for their high sugar levels. Therefore, you should check with your doctor once before starting to take the supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to Take Altai Balance Supplement?

It’s safe to take the Altai Balance supplement; all the fantastic value of this supplement makes sure all the best performance without any issues. It comes with all the rated benefits with all the supernatural functional ingredients.

Is this Supplement Manufactured under FDA Guidelines?

Yes, Altai Balance is manufactured under the FDA guidelines. If you like to get all the efficient presence and significant health then going with this amazing supplement will bring all the efficient value. All the natural ingredients and efficiency of this product will ensure the best performance.

How Much Time it Will Take to Reach your Destination?

It’ll take almost 5-7 days if you are in the USA or Canada. If you don’t belong to these countries, it’ll take between 15-17 days. So, this will surely bring all the efficient or super functional value from us.

Is Altai Balance an FDA Approved Product?

Surely, Altai Balance is an FDA-approved product; you can get all the functional value or significant presence with all the responsive value. So, all the valuable things will make sure all the super quality presence for sure.

How can I Buy Altai Balance Supplement?

You can buy Altai Balance supplement from here, just hit the Buy Now Button below and get this excellent product into your cart. It’s damn easy to buy Altai Balance supplement.

Will Altai Balance show Any Critical Functional or Therapeutic Issues?

Altai Balance won’t show any critical issues; all the natural value of this supplement will make sure all the fantastic things. So, you can buy Altai Balance supplement to get all the tremendous value for sure.

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